"Many years of experience in SAP system development & integration for over 40 customers in Poland, England, Germany, Switzerland, USA, allows me to offer the best quality of services in the area of SAP Technology Consulting. My professional experience comes from various SAP projects based on implementation and development of SAP standard and industry solutions, software consulting, business and technical concept of new systems based on SAP platform, interfaces between SAP and external systems or SAP training.

I offer it now as KOMENS company." - Olgierd Waszak, Freelancer, SAP Technology Consultant


Performance improvement

Cockpits for Service and Logistic processes are easy way to control this area in company management. Ask for more information about experiences in SAP Cockpit projects running for various customers from different industries and different countries.

System is growing with amount of data. The program time execution is longer and longer. Sometimes you need tuning operation to access data with optimum performance. Years of experiences can help to find the right way to optimize your coding.

System Interfaces

Technology for Car Industry

Having many systems in the enterprise infrastructure it is a challenge to find the solution how to use them together. The answer would be to build interfaces. They can play a role of bridges for moving data from one system to the another.

Use the wide range of experience in SAP technology consulting for automotive and know-how of main processes in SAP industry solution for car trade: SAP Dealer Business Management, Web Configurator, Dealer Portal.